Monday, 10 June 2013

The Furniture Flea

Yesterday I paid a visit to the brilliant Vintage Furniture Flea organised by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in the striking venue York Hall in Bethnal Green. Check out the website for offers and event dates

This is one of the best vintage furniture markets I have been to and in a really appropriate venue with lots of space and natural light. The hall is known as one of Britain's best venues for boxing matches but yesterday it was full of wonderful vintage furniture and homeware. I was on the lookout for exhibitors for the Zeitgeist market and I found some stunning collections for sale. Check out the following for very inspired pieces - provide iconic prints from the past, sell stunning industrial lights although they only had a few left after a near sellout day, hello to Sarah and Andy. And finally the wonderful and very stylish Mods & Rockers where I talked to the lovely owner Paula, Hoping to welcome you all to the Zeitgeist Market in July!

1 comment:

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