Thursday, 5 September 2013

Burberry Beauties

This weekends pop-up vintage market will feature amongst other delights my collection of vintage Burberry Macs for the ladies and gents of London. The Burberry trench is a design classic and picked up its name because it was standard issue for the service-men heading for the trenches during the First World War. This stylish item was invented by Basingstoke draper's assistant Thomas Burberry, who created a waterproof fabric called gabardine for local farm workers. The trench then followed and endless varieties have been made - including the single-breasted version worn by Michael Caine in Alfie. My favourite and the one I am still seeking in my size is the double-breasted version designed for the British Forces. In the 1920's the distinctive "novacheck" lining was added and needless to say has been much copied. However the Burberry trench is the best! Classic, understated and chic.......

All items will feature at this weekends vintage pop-up.

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