Monday, 21 October 2013

My Deer Bambi.....

What have Givenchy done to you Bambi for this seasons "must have"?!

The house of Givenchy was founded in 1952 by the designer Hubert de Givenchy and he was known for creating modern and ladylike fashion styles. Since Hubert retired John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Julian McDonald have all been integral forces behind the Givenchy name and look. Now in charge since 2005 is Riccardo Tisci. Tisci has created this Bambi mania and thus has made the most confusing and strange image on this now sell-out sweatshirt of the season and added a relatively cheap Givenchy price tag of £750 considering most of their garments cost anything up to £5000. It has made it apparently more possible for fashionistas to own Givenchy for a lesser price but I am doubtful this is akin with Givenchy's style and sophistication. And in memory of the cute and charming little Prince......

I won't be adding my name to the Givenchy sweatshirt waiting list.

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